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bored again...

1) Kissed a sibling: ya
2) Ran away: no
3) Pictured your crush Naked: no
4) Skipped Class: no
5) Broken Someone's heart: im not sure....maybe
6) Been in Love: not yet
7) Cried When Someone Died: ya!
8) Wanted Someone: ya
9) Broken a Bone: nope

10) Done something Embarrassin: yes!!!!
11) Done a Drug: nope
12) Cried in School:ya

Which is Better:
13) Coke or pepsi: Coke
14) Sprite or 7 up: Sprite
15) Girls or Guys: guys!
16) Flowers or Candy: Candy
17) Scruff or Clean Shaved: clean shaved
18) Blondes or Brunettes: Brunettes
19) bitchy or Slutty: bitchy
20) Tall or Short: tall
21) Pants or Shorts: pants
22) Night or Day: night

With the Opposite Sex:
23) What do you notice first:hair\face\height
24) Last Person you Slow danced with: none
25) Worst question to Ask:"Are you gay?"

The Last Time You
26) Showerd: just now
27) Stepped outside: half hour ago
28) Had sex:never

29) Color:pink, yellow, and green, but not together
30) Movie: to many
31) band: to many again
32) Cars: a bmw
33) Ice Cream: cookie dough
34) Breakfast: chocolate chip baggels
35) number: 4
36)Makes you laugh the most: friends and family
37) Makes you smile: friends and family
38) Can make you feel better: frends and family
39) Has a Crush on you: i duno
40) Do you have a crush on someone: nope
41) Who has it easier? boys
42) Gives you a funny feeling: i duno

Do YOU ever.
43) Sit by the phone waiting for a phone call all night: no
44) Save AIM conversation: once or twice
45) Save E-mails: if there pictures
46) Forward secret E-mails: no
47) Wish you were someone else: sometimes
48) Wish you were a member of the opposite sex: no!
49) Wear Perfume: ya
50) Kiss: sure
51) Spoon: no
52) Go online for longer than eight hours at a time: not really

Have YOU ever.
53) Fallen for your best friend: nope
54) Made out with JUST a friend: nope
55) Kissed two people in the same day: nope
56) Been rejected: nope
57) Been in love: not yet...
58) Used someone: i dunt think so
59) Been used: ya
60) Cheated on someone: nope
61) Been cheated on: nope
62) Been kissed: ya
63) Done something you regret: Yes!

Who was the Last Person
64) You touched: i hit kathrine
65) You talked to: kathrine
66) You hugged: cant remember
67) You instant message: diana
68) You kissed: cant think
70) You thought about: ...
71) Who text message you: cant remember
72) Who broke your heart: no one
73) Who told you they loved you: my dad
74) You beat up? no one
75) You had a crush on? ...

74) Color your hair: No way
75) Have tattoos: Nope
76) Have piercings: not yet
77) Own a thong: no

i copied this from a lot of ppl, dunt get mad if i copied from u, sry i was REALLY bored
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