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yesturday was so fun. i went to jessicas at like 4:30 and then we went to the galeria and ate at johny rockets and P.F.Changs(and there wer lots of jokes, like stuff her mom said, and didnt say) and then we went to tabu and got these eye mask things, caz they wer like 70% off. and then we went to tower records and bought the 2nd oc soundtrack. and we wanted to buy the notebook but it doesnt come out untill feb 8th, so we wer bummed, but w\e. and then we went bak to jessicas house and took really bad pictures of us with our masks on, and then we took pictures of jessica with her new hairdrier and louis vuiton wallet. and then we printed out some of the party pictures. and last but not least we had to go do jessicas health assignment, which she 4got was due the next day. thats it. but it was fun. oh and im going to big bear 2morow w\ kathrin!im so excited i luv the snow. ok i g2g luv u all!
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